We Are Tooles

Choosing better ways to build

At Tooles, we take pride in how our people conduct themselves with integrity while delivering excellence to clients and communities. Our approach to ethical behavior and compliance with local laws and regulations is recognized in the industry, and we maintain an unwavering commitment to SAFETY, integrity and product distinction. Our success only comes when we hold true to our shared purpose and core values.

Our Core Values


We are a company that emphasizes SAFETY above all else, and believes that keeping teams safe is a shared responsibility.

Cultivate People

We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry and recognize that the expertise, passion and talent of our people makes our success possible. It drives us to respect and encourage ideas, diversity and cultures, and to empower each employee with meaningful work and purpose.

Exceed Client Expectations

We are committed to setting industry standards for safe and responsive services that provide value and expeditious delivery to our clients, the first time around.

Ensure Excellence

We believe in delivering unequivocal excellence in everything that we do. We differentiate our company by challenging ourselves to look for new and better ways to deliver expertise, providing innovative solutions that enable each client to realize its ideas and plans.

Instill Integrity

We maintain our commitment to the highest standard of ethics and integrity in all that we do, every day of the year.