Working together to get it done

Design/Build delivery is the cohesive working of architects, engineers and contractors engaged together to deliver cost-effective, innovative projects to our customers. The collective knowledge of the team working collaboratively with a commitment to communication and full team integration are how we deliver the project that our clients envision. We have partnered with some of the most highly-regarded architects and engineers in the country that possess the right blend of expertise and skills to satisfy the specific requirements of any project.

Critical schedule drivers often require the expeditious completion of complex projects in a short amount of time. And when schedules are tight and the pressure is on, choosing a design/build approach for project completion can make all the difference. Tooles’ experience with design/build services provides owners with a single point of responsibility from project inception, through permitting, design, construction, and start- up & commissioning.

Everyone At The Same Table

Within a very short time frame, our team of design and construction professionals begins collaborating to meet the owner’s needs. By establishing a single point of responsibility, and a collaborative team of engineer and contractor, the design/build approach drastically reduces the potential for conflicts and claims that can occur on fast-tracked projects. Methods of controlling the design/build cost include lump sum pricing prior to selection, where applicable, or alternately, open-book cost reimbursable approaches when scope uncertainties or need for scope flexibility exists.

Our design/build approach is based on the early establishment of project budgets and schedules. Because we are engaged early in the design process, the budget and schedule are developed before the final design is complete and the owner has reliable cost information much earlier in the project lifecycle. Since a detailed project schedule is also developed early, our design/build team and owner work together to establish the project cash flow and account for any special concerns or limitations.

On The Same Path

Our approach further determines the critical path and identifies long-lead construction packages that have the greatest impact on the timely completion of the project. The collaborative nature of a design-build approach enables us to work closely with the engineering team to prepare pre-purchase packages and procure long-lead equipment early in the design process concurrent with completion of the final design, thereby fast-tracking the overall project schedule.

Early construction activities, such as site civil work and concrete are also procured prior to completion of final design by preparing early release packages so that subcontractors can mobilize earlier and can ensure that when long-lead equipment is shipped to the site, the items can be installed without delay. Because of this ability to quickly advance a project to “shovel ready” status, design/build delivery can further provide an advantage for projects receiving state revolving funds.

Design/build can provide owners with a great way to fast-track a project. When executed properly, the result is not only an expedited project, but one that minimizes the need for change orders, provides better final work products, and significantly reduces the potential for multi-party disputes.