Building our company on a foundation of SAFETY

SAFETY, cost, scheduling, quality and productivity are all integral parts of the construction process. We believe that the same “basic management” that brings a job in on time and under budget should also bring it in safely.

At Tooles, our philosophies of “Building Better Through Basic Management” or “Strong SAFETY” and “People-Based SAFETY” are the cornerstones of company operations and our continued success.

A Strong SAFETY Program:

  • Protects the company’s most valuable asset, its employees.
  • Eliminates unexpected interruptions in the work process, allowing for more accurate scheduling.
  • Reduces insurance costs, thereby making Tooles more competitive.
  • Makes the work force feel more confident and secure, improving quality and productivity.
  • Prevents incident-related disruptions, reducing job cost and increasing profitability.
  • Reduces unnecessary legal and financial burdens of the owner, improving the Tooles image among potential and current clients.

A People-Based SAFETY Program:

  • Promotes a “want to” engagement with regard to SAFETY as opposed to a “have to” compliance with it.
  • Focuses on promoting a positive attitude for success as opposed to a failure-avoidance culture.
  • Promotes “fact finding” not “fault finding.” Most behaviors are the result of the system, not the cause of the problem.
  • Helps first line supervisors to be SAFETY coaches by encouraging them to focus on positive SAFETY activities such as pre-task planning, toolbox talks and encouraging positive feedback.
  • Celebrates SAFETY achievements but focuses on the process that gets us there.

Constantly Improving

In an effort to maintain the highest quality SAFETY program in the industry, this program is reviewed annually for areas of deficiency or, more frequently, to identify possibilities for proactive improvements. Additionally, in any areas of discrepancy between this policy and state, federal or customer requirements, the highest standards will be enforced.